Fall 2016 Releases

15 Nov

1fallRumbullion by Molly Tanzer

“[Takes] you on a slow descent into madness.” – SF Signal

“Begins strange and gets quite a bit stranger.” – Innsmouth Free Press

Rumbullion has moments of hilarity, ridiculousness, and mystery aplenty.” – The Arkham Digest

A dinner turned awkward. A card game gone amiss. An old friendship destroyed. An engagement dissolved. A man murdered–maybe even two.

In the wake of a fateful and fatal party, young, sickly aristocrat Julian Bretwynde decides to interrogate all who were in attendance, including the infamous alchemist, immortal, and liar, the Count of Saint Germain. What Julian will uncover about that night, no one could ever have expected, least of all himself. And even worse, he’ll be forced to decide what’s true among the radically disparate accounts of men and women who stood side by side, watching the same events unfold. As he gets deeper and deeper into his investigation, the killer’s identity grows ever more obscure… as does that of the victim.

2fallGlue by Constance Ann Fitzgerald

Glue is a meditation on grief and addiction, the loss of loved ones, and our incredible power to rebuild ourselves after everything falls apart. Heartbreaking, honest, and all-too-human, Glue is one of the most powerful books of the year.

Adobe Photoshop PDFStarr Creek by Nathan Carson

“STARR CREEK is a phenomenal weird fiction debut. Laird Barron meets Jack Ketchum in David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS. I loved it!” – Brian Keene, best-selling author of THE COMPLEX and THE RISING

“Carson is a fresh new voice in Lovecraft country, and his prose dazzles.” – Wendy Wagner, author of STARSPAWN and SKINWALKERS

Starr Creek is the debut novella by Portland writer and musician Nathan Carson. Set in 1986 rural Oregon, Starr Creek features Heavy Metal teens, Christian biker gangs, and hopped up kids on 3-wheeled ATVs. They all collide when strange occurrences unveil an alien world inhabiting the Oregon woods.


Now Available: Witch Hunt by Juliet Escoria

13 May


The much-anticipated full-length poetry collection by the critically acclaimed author of Black Cloud, Witch Hunt delves into the terror and beauty that occurs when love, madness, and addiction collide.

Available in paperback from Lazy Fascist Press.

Lazy Fascist StoryBundle now available!

21 Mar


For a limited time, we’re offering some of our most popular titles on a pay what you want basis through StoryBundle. In addition to books by Lazy Fascist favorites like Jeremy Robert Johnson and Molly Tanzer, the StoryBundle is the only way to purchase an ebook edition of Michael Cisco’s epic novel Animal Money, along with Juliet Escoria’s Witch Hunt (out in May). This is the best deal we’ll ever offer, so we hope you take advantage of it (and tell all your friends)!

Fall Releases Now Available:Animal Money by Michael Cisco and The Pleasure Merchant by Molly Tanzer

17 Nov


Animal Money by Michael Cisco

A living form of money results in the unraveling of the world.

“The bank is there to save and lend.”

“Workers work and customers spend.”


The Pleasure Merchant by Molly Tanzer

The Pleasure Merchant is a hilarious, sensuous, and ultimately ferocious quasihistorical novel about that most crucial of periods: the dawn of the modern era. The merchant class flexed its muscles, scientists turned their attentions to the workings of the human mind, sexual mores were challenged in public and in secret, and in every corner of society the unseen hand of the marketplace dominated all. Tanzer’s clever slicing of the era reveals every social stratum of her world-their conflicts, their compromises, and their kinks. Read this book to learn what you’ve been soaking in your whole life.” –Nick Mamatas, author of Love is the Law and I Am Providence

“[Tanzer is] the modern Brontë sister.” –The Novel Commentary

“Forgive me, but I’m having some difficulty ascertaining exactly where magnetic north lies on your moral compass.”

London, 177-:

Apprentice wig-maker Tom Dawne’s dream is to complete his training, marry his master’s daughter, and set up a shop of his own. Unfortunately for him, when one of his greatest creations is used to play a cruel prank on a powerful gentleman, Tom is dismissed-and forced by fear of poverty and the need to clear his name to serve the very man whom he suspects set him up.

Tom quickly realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew… though as it turns out, it’s not actually more than he desires. As Tom becomes less of a servant and more of a surrogate son, his ambitions change, and so do his pleasures, until it’s no longer easy for Tom to tell if he’s pulling the strings… or trapped in a bizarre web of someone else’s making. Matters become no clearer when Tom meets the mysterious professional libertines who seem to lurk at the center of all his troubles: a man willing to procure anything for anyone, so long as it gives them pleasure, and his obscure assistant, whose past has been irretrievably lost.

Some might even say it was stolen…

From British Fantasy and Wonderland Book Award nominee Molly Tanzer (Vermilion; A Pretty Mouth) comes a novel of despair and desire: The Pleasure Merchant; or, The Modern Pygmalion, equal parts psychological thriller and sensual parlor drama.

August 2015 Releases: New Books from Brian Keene and John Skipp plus Lazy Fascist Review #3!

13 Aug

HorriblePeople_highresWhere We Live and Die by Brian Keene

The muses are monsters. With them, we live and die.

Since his earliest stories, Brian Keene has deconstructed the mystique of the writing life. Isolation, relationships lost, long hours, inconsistent paychecks, and professional heartbreak are all part of the job. Keene has unflinchingly laid bare the realities of the full-time writer. Where We Live and Diecollects Brian Keene’s best stories about the writing life, including his metafictional ghost story masterpiece “The Girl on the Glider,” a glimpse of Adam Senft (from Keene’s Dark Hollow and Ghost Walk) in Hell, and a never-before-printed spoken word poem encapsulating the history of the horror genre.Where We Live and Die is a masterful collection by a Grandmaster of Horror and a fictional guidebook for the working writer.

Click to order:


The Art of Horrible People by John Skipp

“Savor this book. Savor this writer.” – from the introduction by Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box

From Hollywood film studios to high-security psychiatric facilities, there is an art to being a horrible person. Splatterpunk legend John Skipp turns the mirror back on ourselves, showing us all the ways that make us the worst monsters of all.

A decade in the making, The Art of Horrible People collects John Skipp’s most horrific, hilarious, and starkly honest short stories, raising horror fiction to gleefully deranged new heights.

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LFR3Lazy Fascist Review #3

Featuring new fiction by Nick Mamatas, Tiffany Scandal, Daphne Gottlieb, Allison Floyd, and Tania Terblanche. Plus an interview with Laird Barron, Witch Mountain tour diary, beer reviews, and book reviews.

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Announcing Molly Tanzer’s Rumbullion

28 May


From Molly Tanzer:

In October of 2013 I was thrilled for Egaeus Press to release my second collection, Rumbullion and Other Liminal Libations. The limited edition hardcover contained six short stories and an original novella, all accompanied by a cocktail recipe. It’s a beautiful edition, with color endpapers and illustrations, and I couldn’t love it more.

“Euhoi! Euhoi! Come, Bacchus!”

Only a few copies remain for sale, which is why I’m excited to announce that Lazy Fascist will be reprinting the novella, “Rumbullion: An Apostrophe” as a standalone. Slated for next spring, the ~50k short novel will be more widely available (in terms of distribution and price) to anyone interested in this story, which once I pitched as “Rashomon, with fops.” (Of course, what I mean is “‘In a Bamboo Grove,’ with fops” but I feel like the movie is more widely known.) Anyways, also of interest: for any of my readers who enjoyed Vermilion, I will note that “Rumbullion” is (very) tangentially related to that story. For any readers who haven’t checked out Vermilion, you needn’t; the events of “Rumbullion” take place long before Vermilion, and neither needs the other.

Many thanks to my editor, Cameron Pierce, for agreeing to republish “Rumbullion: An Apostrophe.” I know it’ll look spectacular, with a Matthew Revert cover, and I’m very happy that one of my favorite longer-form pieces will see a larger audience. It’s a story that remains very close to my heart. For anyone who enjoys my obsession with 18th century decadence, charlatans, illness, scrawny weirdoes, late-night gatherings gone awry/weird, and creepy sexual tension, I think you’ll love the novella Innsmouth Free Press called “Molly at her best,” and which The Arkham Digest described as having “humorous wit and wickedly bizarre imagination… on full display.”


Cult of Loretta by Kevin Maloney

27 May

CoLCult of Loretta by Kevin Maloney

Praise for Cult of Loretta

“I haven’t read a book this great, this funny, this original, this emotional, this bonkers in quite some time. It’s a little like Bukowski and Sam Lipsyte and the drug scene in Beavis and Butthead Do America all smashed together, but also completely and totally Kevin Maloney.”
—Aaron Burch, author of Backswing

“Cult of Loretta is a hot dose of pleasure. It whistles with the wit of Brautigan, stings with the heart of badly dissolved romance. If a modern day mountain man came out of the wilderness with a story in his eye, this might be the thing he’d tell. Kevin Maloney is that kind of treasure—a wild thing that’s come in from the war of life, lived to tell the tale.”
—Brian Allen Carr, author of The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World

“Kevin Maloney alchemizes the allure of dicey friendships, hallucinatory sex and a drug so terrifying I’m heartbroken I’ll never get to try it. Cult of Loretta captures the manic fury of Richard Brautigan writing a sequel to The Outsiders during a ketamine binge.”
—Jim Ruland, author Forest of Fortune

“Cult of Loretta is a book about a man named Nelson who gets his ass kicked over and over again by the world, and his heart pulverized over and over by the same enigmatic woman. It’s about what happens to love when both halves of a couple are whacked out on the most powerful drug of all time. It’s about the tragedies that parents can make for us, and the tragedies we make for ourselves. Kevin Maloney is an exceptional talent, someone capable of weaving all of these nasty little ingredients into something that is as tender as it is bleak, something that makes you laugh out loud as it rips open your skin and pulls out your veins.”
—Juliet Escoria, author of Black Cloud

“Kevin Maloney drags the lake of our subconscious, revealing the often startling but always mesmerizing grit that becomes human memory. Cult of Loretta is an impressive debut, a confident showcase of an exciting new literary talent.”
—Michael J Seidlinger, author of The Fun We’ve Had